Control sensors

The task of monitoring the condition of the cutting tool is both important and difficult. With a high intensity of work in an automatic cycle, it is impossible to visually monitor the state of the cutting tool.

The most common breakage occurs with an axial tool: a drill or a tap, less often a cutter. If this is not detected as early as possible, then the next tool in the process may break down, and an expensive part may be damaged.

To solve this problem, two types of control systems can be installed on the machine - contact or non-contact. The sensor is installed inside the working area so that it can be accessed by all monitored instruments. The tool moves towards the transducer at specified intervals.

For the contact system, the integrity of the tool is checked with a feeler gauge. The type of transducer is selected based on the size of the smallest tool (the smaller the tool, the lower the touch force).

For non-contact systems, optical or laser methods are used.

Non-contact systems, in addition to a state of integrity, can monitor wear.