Coolant stations

High pressure coolant systems are recommended for difficult materials (titanium, Inconel, high alloy alloys, etc.), as well as for difficult applications (for example, deep drilling).

The main options for the working pressure of the installed systems are 70, 100, 130 bar. For some applications, devices with pressures up to 300 bar are used.

The use of such systems allows you to effectively solve the following tasks:

  • Significant improvement of the conditions for cooling and lubrication of the tool due to the supply of coolant directly to the cutting zone;
  • Improving the conditions for breaking and removing chips from the cutting zone;
  • Increasing cutting conditions.

All these factors together can significantly increase the operating time of the machine, increase productivity, increase tool life, reduce the risk of tool breakage, which reduces the cost of the part.

In addition, the supply of coolant under pressure allows you to effectively wash the counter spindle collets in order to avoid the adhesion of chips inside the mechanisms and on the collet clamping surface and get dents on the surface of the clamped part.

To operate such systems, it is required to use oil coolant with a minimum working viscosity.

In some cases, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of cooling the coolant when using high-pressure stations, since overheating is possible during prolonged operation.