Alkart Alarm Alert

This system will monitor Citizen CNC lathes over a Local Area Network connection and inform designated personnel operator of any alarm messages that have appeared. There are two methods of contact – cell phone SMS text message and by email. The system is of interest to companies operating unattended who wish to alert personnel of a machine entering an alarm state. The alarm message is reported in sufficient detail for the recipient to decide on necessary action.

Software Walkthrough

Messaging System. The system can handle up to 100 machines; each machine has two methods of alerting (SMS message and email). For each method of alerting you can specify up to 3 contact addresses. So each machine can have up to 3 email and, 3 text messages can be sent for each alarm message generated.

One of your PCs is set up with the alarm monitor software and added onto a local area network along with all your machines. The system then continuously monitors the machines over the network. When a new alarm message is detected the system extracts the alarm description, time and date from the machine and then queues up the message in the main message queue. Each alarm is processed in turn and for each machine the alarm alert is sent all the contact addresses / numbers that have been specified.

Plenty of options are available to help tailor the system to your requirements. The main ones are described below:

1. ‘Ignore workpiece counter full alarm’ Optionally you can specify that you wish to ignore these alarms if you do not wish to be informed when a part batch has finished.

2. ‘Alarm Scheduling You can specify a period of the day during which you wish to receive alerts (over the weekend you might not want to be woken up overnight between 11pm and 8am for example in this case you would schedule alerts to only be sent between 8am and 11pm).

3. Set the maximum number of alerts after enabling system You can specify the maximum number of alerts you would want to be informed of on a per machine basis. For example you might only wish to be informed of one alarm per machine to keep call / text message costs down. Alternatively you can disable this feature and all alarms will be sent.

4. Machine monitoring setup You can enable / disable monitoring on individual machines that you have configured for use with the system

Supported Machines

Currently supports the following machines (with support for additional Cincom and Miyano machines coming in the future):

  • Cincom A20-VI
  • Cincom A20-VII
  • Cincom A32-VII
  • Cincom C16-VIE, C16-VII and C16-IX
  • Cincom C32-VIII
  • Cincom K12-VI and K12-VII
  • Cincom K16-VI and K16-VII
  • Cincom K12E-VII and K16E-VII
  • Cincom L20-VII Series 5
  • Cincom L20-VIII Series 5
  • Cincom L20-VIII Series 7
  • Cincom L20E-IX
  • Cincom L32-VII Series 6
  • Cincom M16-III Series 3
  • Cincom M16-V Series 3
  • Cincom M20-III Series 2
  • Cincom M32-III Series 2 and Series 3
  • Cincom M32-V Series 3
  • Cincom M32-V Series 4
  • Cincom M32-VIII Series 4